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As a presenter and storyteller, Endia Beal engages and inspires the audience through her voice, humor, and unyielding desire for participants to see the humanity in one another. Beal’s work merges fine arts with social justice. She is relatable and powerful, and she captures, through the lens of art, the real-life stories of people of color. Beal uses photography and video to reveal the personal narratives of the unseen and unheard. Her signature directness and visual intelligence engage viewers in dialogue that accepts and examines the questions which surface when we push forward during times of social evolution and change.

Endia Beal’s Keynotes provide a brief retrospective of her work, including, but not limited to, Office Scene, Can I Touch It?, 9 to 5, and Am I What You’re Looking For?. These works examine the personal and contemporary stories of women of color working in the corporate space while addressing the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. For more information about Endia Beal’s Keynote, please email:

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“Honestly, it can be intimidating. The major industries that form corporate America, a country that claims to be all inclusive, are comprised of one type of person. That person is a white male. And there isn’t a book you can read or certificate you can get that can make you more of a white male when you are not.” – Shakiya

Watch Magnum Foundation grantee Endia Beal present her participatory project Am I What You’re Looking For?, which explores and analyzes experiences shared by many African American women in the workplace.