Endia Beal’s Artistic Introspective Workshop offers an innovative, engaging, and relatable approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) training. Her two-hour sessions are designed around the fundamental idea that diversity enhances creativity and leads to unfettered discoveries. Endia’s workshops use art as a means to encourage introspection of our own personal beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. We are all at different stages of our diversity maturity, and art helps elicit responses in an engaging and non-threatening way, sometimes exposing latent and unconscious biases and preferences. The sessions are designed to expand our personal and cultural boundaries, which will enable us to view each new encounter from and with a different perspective. Endia provides a psychological safe place within which to take risks, be vulnerable, and learn the importance of expressing empathy and advocacy for those within the organization.

Endia holds a dual BFA-AH in art history and studio art from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MFA from Yale University; she has also completed the certification from the Executive Education in Fostering Inclusion and Diversity Program at Yale School of Management. For more information about Endia and the Artistic Introspective Workshop, please email:

“Exceptional presentation, very compelling materials, and discussion. Small group discussion was energized, thoughtful and thought-provoking.”

“This was a profound and vulnerable experience for me, and one that I find to be rare at my organization. I felt that the way the workshop was formatted allowed us to be vulnerable with one another and share with depth.”

“It was a great safe space to discuss my own challenges navigating work environments as a black woman.”

“I think everyone should have to participate in a workshop like this. It’s so helpful in fostering important conversations that allow people to be vulnerable and [that] do not shame anyone. As a white person, I don’t feel that shame is productive in conversations surrounding privilege and white supremacy because shame shuts people down. However, the format of this workshop allows white people to learn about the experiences of people of color in a safe space and gives them time to process. The format considers the humanity of everyone involved.”

“I thought the timing and style were great. I really liked being together in the larger group, but as a person that is often shy in larger groups, the small groups gave us a great way to really talk and give everyone time to share. Then, going back to the larger group was great, as we could both share and listen with others.”

“It’s so practical and really helps us address some of the biases we hold and some of the biases we face. There is something there that everyone can take away. Really great use of our time!”